4 Reasons Why Aalborg Is a Great City Break Destination

4 Reasons Why Aalborg Is a Great City Break Destination

If you plan to go for a weekend getaway or a city-break in Denmark, you could decide to go past Copenhagen and Aarhus and instead decide to visit Aalborg. Aalborg is not as populated as Copenhagen or Aarhus. However, it is in fact the fourth most populous city in Denmark. Aalborg has a long historical background that reaches to the Viking age. Moreover, there are a lot of interesting things you can see and do in Aalborg.

1. The Aalborg Carnival

Plan your trip to Aalborg, Denmark anyway from May to September, and you are likely to experience lovely and pleasant weather. However, there is another attraction in Aalborg in May. During the last week in May an annual carnival takes place in Aalborg. The Aalborg carnival is the largest carnival in Scandinavia often called the big carnival in northern Europe. The carnival is themed and each year there is a different theme of the carnival. Although, the theme is not obligatory, and all costumes are welcome, it certainly serves as inspiration for carnival participants. Festive masks and costumes invite everyone to join and celebrate life. Aalborg carnival lasts for a week and there are three main events of the carnival: The Grand Parade, Battle of Carnival Bands and Children’s Carnival. Each year about 100,000 visitors attend the Grand Parade and enjoy the festive atmosphere. If you want to join in the fun and celebration in the biggest carnival in this part of Europe, be sure to prepare your costume and visit Aalborg during the last week of May.52149384

2. Parks and Green Areas

Chilling and relaxing is all too easy to do in Aalborg, since it is covered in green areas and parks. Visit ØstreAnlæg, a city park that spreads on 16 acres, contains a lake and has been recorded to be a home of 51 species of birds. Also, you can visit Karolinelund, the city park that has gone from an amusement park to culture park that hosts events, concerts and is decorated with beautiful graffiti. Karolinelund is a place for creative people to get together and share interests in culture. The festive atmosphere is especially seen during the summer when “Friday Parties” take place. In Karolinelund you can also jog, roller skate, and visit beautiful urban gardens of Aalborg.


3. Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is one of the main tourist attractions in Aalborg. Each year around 370,000 people visit the Zoo and its 126 species of animals. The zoo is located on an area that stretches on 20 acres and is the home of 1500 animals.


4. Strolling around the city

Many historical buildings and picturesque streets give you a chance to take a walk through Aalborg history and enjoy the cathedral, castle, old town hall, numerous coffee shops and bakeries.


Aalborg’s motto is “seize the world” and once you seize Aalborg you will understand why. All in all, you will leave Aalborg wanting to return, since there are so many things you can see, do and experience, in this peaceful and lovely, yet dynamic and modern Danish city.