Six must-go place in the Aalborg City of Denmark

Have you ever visited Denmark? Maybe you have been to their capital Copenhagen but not to the city of Aalborg, Denmark. If at one time in future decide to travel to Aalborg, the city towards the extreme north of Denmark, close the Jutland tip, you will see a lot of amazing things that include but not limited to Viking Valhalla, Nordic style bags , golden eagles and snappy schnapps.

History Hill

Viking may have made his fatal maritime ram-raid better, but you can always admire those two low, deadly sleek and plowed boats. They were used to launch raids on the former British Isle starting from Limfjord Sound just outside Aalborg. Here, heroes returned in time to be cremated inside their boats… And the story goes on. You can see traces of cremations at the famous Lindholm Hoje cemetery on the hill slightly above the city.

The history Hill is among the richest historical sites in Scandinavia that has got extensive remains that include over 680 excavated graves. It is One of the Scandinavia’s richest historical sites, its extensive remains includes 682 recently excavated graves.

The implausible museum has got the Viking ship 3D animation. The numerous archeological finds are elaborated in English. The café offers for sale, a special beer; brewed with honey, bog myrtle, malt and heather, redone after brewing specialists studied a Viking brew that had been buried for long.

Ride to the Past: Algade

If you are a stranger here, take a guide and ask them to ride with you in the lift to the place where you will have a real ‘never been here’ experience. With 20 kroner into a slot (about 2.25 pounds), your guide will lead you to the remains of a Franciscan fairy dating back to the 11th century, and you will see an unmanned museum. Afterward, you should take an enjoyable stroll via the history of the Aalborg city of Denmark .of course if you appreciate the history you would certainly do that! You will see the old town hall, the cathedral, the castle, half-timbered dwellings and the merchant’s house built in the 17th century.

Lange’s ceramic workshop

Another unique feature of the Aalborg city is the variety of design and craft shops. You will definitely love the color and the wit in the Lange’s ceramic workshop. You will find a wonderful bakery in penny lane and numerous independent coffee shops such as the Be hag Din Smag.

Dentists In Aalborg

Tandlæge aalborg

If your teeth are hurting, take a look at this old school dentist. Should you be in the area, and in need of some dental help, visit these guys. Check out their site at


Local hero Utzon

There is a landmark brand new structure that overlooks the fjord. In fact this one of the features that Aalborg and Sidney have in common! It was once a home to Sidney opera houses designer Jorn Utzon. This hero found got inspired by the vessels that were in his father’s boatyard and eventually designed the serene Austrasia sails. The silver boat-shaped pavilions have got a lot of space and light and are perfect for performances and exhibitions. Besides, you can just take a moment and enjoy a drink on the water edges. The original Sydney designs by Utzon are just on the show. You can also get the Aalborg card to have a chance to enjoy over 13 sights, get a free public transport (for twenty-four hours) at an affordable price.

Near the nature- at the Aalborg zoo

A more powerful conversation theme runs via the City of Aalborg, where the original agreement for manageable cities and towns was signed in the year 1994. The zoo functions on very strict green regulations and is a world-leading center for the breeding of such near extinct animals as the Siberian tiger among others.



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